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What is a cookie?

A cookie is an alphanumeric character sent by a website and kept in the user’s navigator history. This information can then be used by all websites which will consult this navigator history.   For example, cookies allow the content of your basket to be saved for future visits, your user name to be remembered and for statistics to be analysed to improve the contents, services and products of tinytubes Online.

To make maximum use of the tinytubes Online website and all its functions the cookies should be enabled. By disabling the cookies, it is possible that you will not be able to use tinytubes Online correctly.

Which cookies do we use in

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  •  PHPSESSID – permanente – própia
  •  ga – permanente – de terceros 
  •  gat – permanente – de terceros
  •  gid – permanente – de terceros
  •  currency – permanente – própia
  •  default – permanente – própia
  •  lenguaje – permanente – própia

How do I enable cookies in my navigator?


• Open the “Extras” menu and select “Internet Options”
• Click the “Privacy” tab
• Click the “Default” button or adjust the configuration manually to “Medium”
• Click “OK”


• Open the “Extras” menu
• Select “Configuration”
• Select the “Privacy” symbol
• Check the “Accept Cookies” verification box
• Click “OK” to save the changes


• Open the “Extras” menu
• Select “Configuration”
• Click “Advanced Options” or select the “Details” tab, depending on the version you have
• In the “Privacy” section, click “Content configuration”
• Select the option “Allow local data saving”


• Go to the drop-down menu
• Select “Configuration”
• Select the “Privacy” tab
• In “Block Cookies” select “Never”

How do I disable cookies in my navigator?

In the “Help” function of most navigators you can find details of how to configure your computer in order to not accept cookies. You can either be notified every time you receive a new cookie, or you can disable the cookies completely.

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